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Keurig K Elite coffee maker review

Having a lot of work to do, and a hectic schedule to undergo is what the new generations face every day. And this has somehow provoked the craving for coffee. Being a renowned stress-reliever, a good cup of coffee can shoot your day with a lot of energy. Waking up to a good cup of coffee and not being disturbed by the grinding sound is the most desired quality that people want in the coffee makers. That is what the house of Keurig appliances offers you in the form of Keurig K Elite coffee maker.

The classy and elegant design of the Keurig K Elite coffee maker would perfectly match with any home decor. It is available in multiple colors to choose from, and decide which would look the best in your kitchen. It is easy to use and loaded with hi-tech features. So, now you can have your coffee silently and hassle-free. No doubt, it has emerged to be one of the finest coffee making machines in the market.

Being simple, these machines would not require you to think or plan much for a cup of coffee right after you wake up. Moreover, the coffee makers from Keurig make sure that the process of coffee making must not be a tiring task. Hence, they have made their machines to be effortlessly operable on lazy mornings. You can get your coffee ready by just a simple touch. “You want it, and you get it” is what they aim to serve.

Coffee making just got more comfortable with this Keurig coffee maker model. With a simple press, you can get the taste you want, from chilled to strong brewed; you have a button for your every need. Even this particular model of coffee maker allows you to have enough number of cups of coffee before asking for a refill.

In this guide, you will be briefed about each quality of the Keurig K Elite coffee maker in detail. After this, you can see for yourself how this brand and model have secured a place in most of the coffee lovers’ homes.

In an urgency?

The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is such a kitchen appliance that anyone would love to have in their homes. To get the benefits out of this fantastic product, you can visit the following link to check  it on Amazon.

Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker Overview

Now that you have decided to have a look through this coffee maker, you should be presented with all you need to learn about it. Before moving on further to discuss why you should get it for yourself, let’s have a quick look at what the coffee makers of  Keurig K Elite have as their key specifications.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12.7*9.9*13.1 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 pound
  • Material: Plastic
  • Water reservoir capacity: 75-Ounce
  • Strength control: Single-serve
  • Temperature control: Available
  • Iced setting: Available
  • Warranty: Limited 1-year

Pros and Cons of Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker:

Like any device, this coffee maker from the house of Keurig has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Of course, its pros will make you neglect its cons, and you should also know that with proper maintenance and management, even the pitfalls can be handled quite efficiently. Moreover, the limitations are not convincing enough to make you re-think whether you should buy this coffee maker for yourself or not.


  • Custom brewing features.
  • Adjustable brew temperature control.
  • It facilitates making coffee at higher altitudes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Large water reservoir.
  • Quiet and noise-free.
  • Presence of brewer maintenance reminder.
  • Multiple beverage making.
  • Provision for the iced setting.
  • Availability of strong brew setting.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • It is compatible with hundreds of K-cups.
  • Programmable and highly responsive.
  • Detachable water tank.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Expensive
  • It might not offer taste like the coffee shops.
  • Careless handling may cause it to leak.

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Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker Video:

The Keurig K Elite brewer comes with a superior finish and programmable features to deliver both trendy look and optimum quality in terms of beverage customization. With a sturdy yet classy appearance, it has taken over many other coffee makers. It is manufactured in 3-different premium colors, namely brushed silver, brushed slate, or brushed gold, which will smoothly go with any kitchen décor.

In order to know how this product can be customized and have a detailed idea of its working, check out video..

What Makes Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker So Special?

The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is feature-packed with essential and fascinating aspects that can make anyone push to buy it. So now, let’s point down the features that make this coffee maker exceptionally superior over others.

Brews Multiple Cup Sizes:

There is a wide range of cup sizes available in this coffee maker. And this feature enables the consumers to select from a choice of five cup sizes, ranging from 4-12 Oz. So, with these popular cup sizes, it will be easier for people to brew their preferred coffee, tea, or iced beverage with the touch of a button.

Exquisite Design:

The Keurig K Elite brewer amalgamates a first-class finish and programmable features to provide both contemporary design and ultimate beverage customization facilities. It comes with three fashionable textures, including brushed silver, brushed gold, and brushed slate. However, the handle and drip tray of this coffee maker is made of metal. With this ultimate blend of strikingly fascinating brushed finish and metal details, it adds a style quotient to the kitchen’s look and makes it appear a more mesmerizing place.

Strong Brew Settings:

Coffee lovers who adore bold brew coffee can enhance the strength and bold taste of the flavor of your coffee by merely tapping onto the ‘Strong’ button provided by this machine. This ‘Strong’ button will increase the intensity and strength of the coffee. With this function, the Keurig K Elite coffee maker also outshines in making a strong brew, which tastes quite good.

Iced Setting:

Several coffee consumers are more inclined to have cold coffees that require ice to form the perfect taste. So with the Keurig K Elite coffee maker, one can brew hot over ice with a single touch of a button and enjoy a cup of highly flavored and delightful iced coffee. The ‘Iced’ button of this coffee machine makes it lucid to taste some fantastic iced coffee by optimizing the brewing cycle to brew over ice.

Easy Programmable Features: 

This coffee maker comes with a variety of programmable features to customize the beverage preparation as per your need. It lets you change the brewing temperature and select the exact time for brewing. The device allows for adjusting the brewing temperature between 187° and 192°. Besides, this coffee maker performs flawlessly even in the regions having high altitude. The ‘High Altitude’ setting guarantees that the coffee maker will work properly even at elevations above 5,000 feet.

The device also has auto-on and auto-off features, which will make the coffee maker, automatically turn on and turn off according to the given time. These functionalities will help in saving energy, thereby reducing power consumption.

Make your coffee in less than a minute:

This coffee brewer is perfect for those who are in a hurry and want coffee to be prepared fast. The high-speed mechanism inside the coffee maker brews instant delicious, strong and cold coffee within only 1-minute.

Large 75 oz. Water Reservoir:

One of the most highlighting features of the Keurig K Elite coffee maker is its large removable water reservoir of 75 oz. It allows the users to brew 8-cups of coffee before refilling. It saves a lot of time and simplifies the morning routine for those who have a hectic schedule and lesser time to spend. Also, the detachable reservoir makes the process of refilling hassle-free.

Removable Drip Tray:

The drip trays present in Keurig K Elite coffee maker can hold the accidental overflow of coffee from cups, thereby facilitating easy clean-up. As these trays are removable, you can accommodate up to 7.2” coffee cups under it, to prevent wastage of coffee.

Provision for Hot Water on Demand:

This coffee maker also helps in preparing instant soups or oatmeal by providing hot water. It has a unique feature of providing hot water on demand for making other foods. So, one needs to tap on a single button to pour out hot water for making instant noodles, soups, or oatmeal.

Brewer Maintenance Reminder:

The coffee maker comes with a Brewer Maintenance Reminder, which will notify the user when to descale the coffee maker. Descaling the machine eradicates the accumulation of calcium deposits, guaranteeing the best-tasting brew.

Noise-Free Mechanism:

The Quiet Brew Technology implemented in the Keurig K Elite coffee maker helps in minimizing noise production while brewing coffee and other beverages.


Besides coffee, this device can also brew tea, hot cocoa, and other beverages. One can even buy My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter and use it with this coffee maker to brew your own ground coffee.


The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is manufactured to shorten the time of preparing coffee, so this coffee maker comes with some preloaded appliances inside the package. The device comes with the following accessories inside the box:

  • 6-count K-cup pod pack.
  • One water filter handle.
  • One filter to guarantee your beverages taste their ultimate best.

Besides these, one must know that several other accessories are available for this device that can be very useful in the later stages. Thus, you may buy the following accessories separately:

  • Varieties of K-cup pods.
  • Universal My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

What Didn’t We Like About Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker?

Like every good thing has some problems, the Keurig K Elite coffee maker also possesses a few issues. Nothing claims to be perfect, and this coffee maker is no exception. Here are some of the things about this coffee maker that we didn’t like.

Expensive: The great features that make this coffee maker a wonder, does not come cheap. Instead, when the price of Keurig K Elite coffee maker is compared with any other product of its kind, you might find it to be more expensive. Since this coffee maker is a blend of the most demanded technologies and easy functionalities, you cannot complain much about its high price. But if you have a low budget, then, unfortunately, this product might not be a very good choice for you. With so many features, this machine is worth its price, but still, the price tag might make you think twice before you extend your hand to pick the coffee maker. So, if you buy this coffee maker, try to use all the features and avail all the good things that the device presents you with.

Leakage issues: Harsh and careless handling of the Keurig K Elite coffee maker may cause leakage problems. You might wake up to a room spilled over with water everywhere, and that might be pretty annoying. Buying a device also means that you have to treat it in the right way. You must not keep the brewer on throughout the day and use it within very short intervals for multiple times. Also, while emptying or cleaning the reservoir from time to time, try to be gentle with the device, so that you don’t break off its internal parts. Even though people complain about leakage issues, on maximum occasions, it is the owners’ careless handling that landed him or her into this trouble. However, if the leakage problem results due to a manufacturing defect, then you can quickly get it replaced within the warranty period.

It doesn’t produce taste like the coffee shops: The Keurig K Elite coffee maker will you give the most convenient way to get a cup of brewing hot coffee. But if you are habituated by visiting a lot of cafes and coffee shops, then you will not find the same taste from this brewer. Of course, human intervention has its own flavor, and this is just a machine. So you should not expect the coffee shop taste here. Instead, if you are trying to keep a check on your money and save it from getting drained on the luscious coffee shops, then this coffee maker won’t upset you.

Performance of the Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker

So now, if we talk about the performance of Keurig K Elite coffee maker, it can be straightforwardly said this electronic appliance provides fairly satisfying services. The brewing process of this machine is comparatively better than most other coffee makers. The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is highly energy-conserving. Thus, it doesn’t consume much electricity, thereby saving your cost on the electricity bill.

While talking about the convenience of using it, this coffee maker by Keurig excels in this facet. This coffee maker does a commendable job in heating water as well as making a cup of coffee in less than a minute. The process of brewing is also pretty easy and simple. All it requires is 10 seconds to punch in the cup and set up the desired brewing options to get a delicious flavor of the coffee. The k elite coffee maker breaks the bar of creating a fascinating taste of the coffee. It is also a perfect choice for adults or new users, as the functionality of this coffee maker is less complicated and intuitive.

Also, the removable water reservoir of this device having a capacity of 75 oz makes it easy to refill. Again, the used pod can be easily removed and thrown away. So, all you have to do is place a pod, select your preferred cup size, and brew your perfect cup of coffee in a minute. With easy functionality and exclusive mechanism, one can quickly make their favorite beverage using the Keurig K Elite coffee maker.

What Are Amazon Customers Saying?

Amazon reviews for this product speak about how the customers have loved this device and appreciated its features. This coffee maker has an average rating of 4.6 stars on the official website of Amazon. There are a lot of positive reviews on this product, and customers are incredibly pleased with the qualities of this device.

The iced setting and strong brewing option are the most loved features of this product. Customers have also praised its versatility for making a variety of beverages as per your mood for the day. This device has won hearts with its quick yet simple working, and the lazy users have expressed their utmost delight to have this product in their kitchen. Many customers have also been moved by how silently this device works. With a water reservoir of enormous capacity, it has also relieved the stress of refilling frequently.

But there are certainly some complaints from a few customers regarding the leakage and spilling issues. These problems of Keurig K Elite coffee maker have annoyed quite a few users, and they want immediate resolution of these issues. However, the positive reviews will outnumber the low rated reviews any day, thereby proving how proficiently this coffee maker is winning hearts all over the globe.


The Keurig K Elite coffee maker is a wonderful device that caters to your coffee and beverage cravings and makes sure that you get the best in your cup. The convenience of this machine makes it easy to be used by anyone.

Although it might be a bit costly, the assembly of all the features makes it worth it. So if you want to enhance your coffee-making experience, then the Keurig K Elite coffee maker is the perfect choice that you should make for yourself.

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