Aigostar Samson 30KLU 2000W
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Which sandwich maker to choose?

Choosing your very first sandwich machine is not as easy as you think, there are many models that abound in the market. For this reason that we have decided to establish this buying guide to help you find the best sandwich maker suits your needs. So, quickly discover our advice to choose from!

Panini, Croque-gents, or sandwiches of all kinds, delicacies that delight young and old. And to concoct these, the use of a particular device with grilled plates is essential, and it is, of course, the panini device.

A small flip-open machine, the latter operates on electricity and generally has grids on its two inner parts that give the pieces of bread the mark of golden streaks.

The panini appliance thus allows giving a flattened shape to the sandwiches, while warming them up and melting the cheese slightly for a tasty tasting. Most models, however, are multifunctional and have different interchangeable plates that offer the possibility of cooking other foods. Thus, it can be used for grilling, cooking sausages, meat, poultry, seafood, or even making waffles and pancakes.

How to choose a sandwich maker?

Depending on its power

It should be noted that the performance of the machine does not depend on its potential. The choice of a higher or lower power is mainly a question of the speed of cooking.

Indeed, if you are not the type to wait and you like things quickly made, choose a high power from 1500 watts. This will depend on the use you will give to your accessory, as some professional panini machines have an ability of 2500 watts to cook food very quickly and string together preparations without flinching.

While for occasional use, nothing requires you to bet on such power since the preparations are often small, and you have no customers who line up in your kitchen. That’s why the power of 1000 watts will be more than enough to make little cravings with the family. Anyway, we advise you to choose a model equipped with a thermostat that will allow you to control the cooking temperature easily. Thus, you will be able to lower or raise the temperature depending on the food to be cooked.

Depending on its plates and its versatility

The choice of panini grill model will probably not be the same for a couple and a large family with children.

Indeed, there are small facilities that adapt very well to the needs of singles or couples who do not receive people at home.

These devices allow at most to cook two paninis simultaneously. They have then plates of average size, which can accommodate one or two crumbs of the bread of standard size. Much more compact, this type of device allows more accessible storage in the kitchen.

Also, if you are many at home and that besides you are used to receiving relatives, you need a panini device semi-professional. These are equipped with larger plates that can prepare up to 4 sandwiches at the same time. It is much more convenient for your snacks with family or friends.

And if you want to vary the pleasures using the same machine, Comparatif-Multicuiseur advises you to choose a multifunction model. The latter can serve both panini and waffle maker, sandwiches, and pancakes, or machine grill meat or fish! In this case, it must be equipped with different interchangeable plates that allow you to make the main dishes you want to prepare.

Depending on its design and materials

Given the wide variety of models on the market, the choice of design can also complicate your purchase. Please note that only equipment made from plastic on the outside is available in different colors.

These are the products that best match those who value the color of their kitchen equipment. However, plastic is an unsustainable material and may quickly deteriorate under the effect of heat.

As for those who prefer the robustness of home appliances, we recommend that they choose steel or aluminum appliances. This is particularly the case for high-end panini seb machines, including those used by professionals. The latter not only display a sober and chic design but also enjoy high strength and ease of cleaning. When it comes to baking trays, there is nothing more efficient than cast aluminum to offer perfectly even cooking on foods. A nonstick coating will also prevent you from having residues of bread or meat hanging on the plates.

Depending on its options and security

In addition to these main criteria, other characteristics should not be overlooked when making your choice. These will notably guarantee you a more comfortable and more secure use, namely the opening system of the machine, which can be at 90 ° or 180 °.

The best model that we can recommend is the one that opens at 180 ° since it provides a more straightforward and more varied use. The two flat plates can be used to make two different preparations, including waffles on one and grilled on the other.

Do not forget to bet on removable plates and machine washable for a significant gain of time, which is also the case for the grease trap. Check that your future panini and sandwich appliance is equipped with anti-slip feet for better stability and ventilation from the bottom of the device. The presence of insulating handles is also a real plus for handling without risk of burns, not to mention the locking clip during cooking and the on/off button.

Why buy a suitable device?

To prepare healthy and delicious meals at home

Whether it’s for children, Sunday dinner, or an aperitif with friends, the delightful little croque-monsieur, panini, sandwich or waffle snacks are everyone’s favorites. Therefore, it is evident that you can prepare some quickly at home with a panini tefal machine.

The purchase of such equipment will allow you to quickly concoct different appetizers to delight young and old in moments of rush or when relatives come unexpectedly. Have bread in your cupboard and find two or three ingredients in the fridge to serve your guests with homemade sandwiches. This machine will help you even when you are lazy to get into great culinary preparations after a long week of work!

To have a versatile machine

Manufacturers compete with ingenuity to offer users ever more practical products adapted to their daily lives. That’s why today, you can invest in a single panini machine with a cheap grill and enjoy the various features built into it.

Indeed, the purchase of multifunctional equipment now allows you to prepare different types of dishes, salty or sweet, to vary the pleasures and make the latter a useful accessory for every day.

Equipped with several interchangeable plates, it can turn into a panini and waffle maker, or sandwich maker and grill. All your desires can be realized in no time and without tiring you by using this type of equipment. And in addition to eating healthier, you will save a lot of money by cooking at home instead of going to a fast-food restaurant.

What is the price of a sandwich maker?

Not everyone has the same budget for buying a sandwich machine. And fortunately, the models are very varied for prices starting from 30 euros, up to 300 euros for the most upscale.

Nevertheless, Comparison does not advise you to opt for an entry-level product that may drop you very quickly because of their often poor quality. To ensure a long-term investment, bet instead of mid-range whose prices can turn around 50 euros. Some individuals will even choose a semi-professional device in the hundred euros, while the most expensive models will be reserved for restaurants and fast food.

How to install a sandwich maker?

The use of a sandwich maker is not complicated, because everyone can use it when he wants. The latter is installed on the bench of the kitchen or a table close to an electrical outlet. Choose the plates you want to use and place them in the machine.

Then prepare the sandwiches or panini with the ingredients you want. Then, connect the appliance and place the loaves on the bottom plate, taking care to respect the maximum number that can be accommodated in a single batch. Usually, the machine must be able to close correctly without forcing too much so as not to crush the preparations. Then choose the appropriate temperature level to brown them at your convenience. Once cooking is complete, open the appliance, take out the snacks, and unplug it.

Top 4 The Best Sandwich Maker To Buy

1) Tefal SM 3000

Tefal SM 3000 Sandwich – ideal for active people. A compact device allows you to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for a few minutes and can help if guests suddenly arrive unexpectedly.

The main features of the device are its compact size and ease of use. Even a child can make a sandwich if he holds a Tefal SM 3000 sandwich. The description of this model gives the right to consider it as a universal device for the whole family.

Ariete AR1911
Image Credit: Amazon

Using a sandwich, you can make sandwiches with different fillings. The device allows you to experiment and create delicious hot snacks. At the same time, the toaster can prepare four sandwiches with any mixture. Thanks to a special nonstick coating, the products do not stick and retain their useful properties. Sandwich manufacturers are an excellent alternative to toasters. They can be used for simple snacks with plain bread or unleavened dough.

How to use it?

Make a sandwich in a sandwich maker “Tefal” before having to cut the bread and the filling. The shape and size of the sandwiches must match the cells. Otherwise, the unit will not close. Then you must connect it to the power supply. Immediately the red light should come on. That means the sandwich maker is warming up and you can put sandwiches on it. The full sandwich should be pressed firmly and secured with an exclusive lock.

After using the toaster, turn off the toaster and remove the wire from the outlet. The manufacturer’s on / off button is not provided.

For the device to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, it is essential to respect the basic rules for its maintenance:

After each use, the sandwich machine must be thoroughly cleaned so that there are no product particles inside. To do this, first, dry the inside with a damp sponge, then wipe it with a towel.

You must keep the case clean.

Always keep the wire in a separate compartment, specially designed for this purpose by the manufacturer.

When not in use, the unit can be stored upright. The sandwich manufacturer will, therefore, take up very little space.

2) Ariete AR1911

  • ARIETE 1911. Total power: 1000 W
  • Type: double-contact grid
  • Heat source: Electric. Format element: tabletop
  • Exterior kind of surface (top): network
  • Silver color
Ariete AR1911
Image Credit: Amazon

The Ariete Toast & Grill is a nonstick baking tray ideal for heating sandwiches, hamburgers, or kebabs. It is a compact and easy to use a tool, adjustable in height depending on the size of the food. It has a cable reel, a thermostat with a status LED, and a power of 1000 W.

The product fully meets the expectations of those who bought it, proving to be reliable and functional. NonstickNonstick plates cannot be removed, but are easy to clean, especially if you only heat sandwiches or other dry foods. The only fault of the product seems to be the absence of a key to turn it on and off.

3) Aigostar Samson 30KLU 2000W

The Aigostar Samson plate, with a power of 2000 W and an adjustable temperature (290-230 ° C), reaches the dimensions of 34 x 57.5 cm and can be closed, whose height will be adjusted according to the thickness of the product. The lid is made of stainless steel, and the plates are made of nonstick aluminum alloy, with a tray to collect fats and liquids.

Aigostar Samson 30KLU 2000W
Image Credit: Amazon

The comments on the products are incredibly positive: even if some users have had to complain about the quality of the materials, on the whole, it is an excellent plate that makes everyone happy, whether to heat a sandwich or grill meat; the plates cannot be disassembled, so they are less practical to wash.

4) Aigostar Warme 30HHH

The Aigostar Warm is a compact electric plate, with the second surface of 23 × 14.5 cm aluminum heated and BPA free. It is suitable for heating and grilling sandwiches, meat, vegetables or skewers. It has a power of 700 W and a light that indicates that the temperature has been reached.

Aigostar Warme 30HHH
Image Credit: Amazon

The article satisfies buyers who appreciate it for its price and ease of use; It cleans easily with a cloth and heats up very quickly. The plate can also be used to grill foods one side at a time, but it is important to note that it has a maximum opening of 90 °, so once open, only one surface can be used.

The shape of the inner plates

Some models are designed for simple bread frying. Some are only for the bread used in toasters. If the sandwich manufacturer has square or triangular grooves, this involves the use of slices of toast. If the device has rounded notches, it is suitable for ordinary bread.

There are also universal flat plate models. However, their main disadvantage is that the filling may melt and spread along with the toaster.

Dimensions and availability of the nonstick coating

There are different types of models of various capacities on the market. If you live alone, you can save money and buy a toaster with one or two sandwich compartments. But if your family includes more than one person, then a small sandwich maker can only suffer losses. You will lose time and money because you will have to start the cooking process more than once, which will affect your electricity consumption.

In size, there are three types of sandwich makers:

  • small (1-2 sandwiches);
  • medium (4 sandwiches);
  • big (8 sandwiches).

The absence of a release coating can ruin the impression of the use of the appliance because the bread adheres to the dishes, and the residual particles cause unnecessary discomfort due to the need to clean the surface. The best option, in this case, would be to buy a toaster with removable plates. You can clean the parts quickly and efficiently.

Existence of the locking function of the device and thermal insulation

The plates should be equipped with a lock. This is necessary for your safety: the plates have a very high temperature, hence a risk of burns. If the house has young children, the lock is a prerequisite.

Also, a manufacturer of quality sandwiches should have good thermal insulation so that during operation, the body and its parts do not overheat and that there is no inconvenience.

How to clean a sandwich maker?

It is essential to clean your sandwich plate as we explained in a previous point, but thanks to its nonstick surface, it will be more straightforward: let it cool but not entirely, so use a paper towel to remove them. Possible remains of the sandwiches you have cooked.

If the plates are removable, it will be straightforward, there are even models that allow you to wash in the dishwasher, otherwise after passing the paper towel use a well-wrung cloth, put it in the device and the to close. Hold the fabric for five seconds and remove it, then wipe the plates, and the machine is ready again.

Always be in a hurry, but do not let your plate get dirty. It is best always to clean it as soon as possible; in fact, it will be easier to proceed when the plate is still a bit hot to remove food residues more easily. Burned food waste can have a detrimental effect on your health.

The sandwich plate must be carefully treated to last as long as possible. For example, you can use wooden tools to move the sandwiches and remember to avoid the metal so as not to damage the nonstick coating.


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