Tips for choosing the best coffee maker [Buying Guide]

Coffee maker
Coffee maker

We love it with all our hearts, it helps us to wake up, and its smell resembles that of a sweet morning fragrance. Decaffeinated, Latte Macchiato, espresso or ristretto: to each his coffee! However, it can be challenging to find and buy the machine of our dreams among all coffee makers and coffee machines sold on the market. Bellow I have given tips for choosing the best coffee maker.

Find the best coffee maker in 7 questions

First, you have to ask the right questions before investing in a coffee machine. Do I drink coffee often? How much are we consuming at home? What is my budget? These questions will help you choose your companion every day!

How much do I have?

Yes, it’s a crucial question. If you like to take your time in the morning and the preparation of the coffee should not be timed, you will surely opt for an Italian-style coffee maker, for example. If you’re more like a hurry, a capsule or pod machine might be the solution for you.

What is my budget?

The nerve of war is the price! Indeed, we do not necessarily have a considerable budget to allocate to a trendy coffee machine. However, you will see in our comparative than the cheap coffee machines are not necessarily of poor quality. You might be surprised.

How do I like to drink my coffee?

Some consumers enjoy coffee as if it were a great wine. For others, it’s just an excellent way to wake up and hold all day. Depending on your taste preferences, you will see that you naturally orient yourself towards one machine rather than another.

Do I want to prepare several types of coffee?

And yes, espresso is not the only type of coffee that can be consumed. If you like to taste and prepare coffees such as latte macchiato, ristretto, or cafĂ© lattes, you will choose a machine with different options such as the “combined” coffee machine, for example.

Do I use it a lot?

If you are a casual coffee drinker or an absolute caffeine enthusiast, your choice will not be the same. Indeed, for a machine used only occasionally, it is not worth investing in an expensive coffee maker. Conversely, you will pay particular attention to devices intended for everyday use.

Do I have time for cleaning?

All coffee makers are not easy to wash! If you have time in your day to properly maintain your machine, the question does not arise. If this is not the case, you must consider this criterion in order not to be bothered by specific devices that require special maintenance.

Do I have room in my kitchen?

Finally, we do not all have a large kitchen or a large work plan. The space available in this room must be taken into account before choosing your coffee maker. Indeed, the dimensions of coffee machines can vary from single to double, depending on the model!

The different types of coffee makers

Of all the options available to you, coffee makers can be categorized according to different standards. Grain coffee machine, mocha machine, electric machine, or percolator: at the bottom of this article, you will find all types of coffee machines that exist. You will only have to make your ultimate choice!

What type of coffee machine are you looking for?

Indeed, it is sometimes to get lost, so there are kinds of coffee machines on the market. Below are some types of coffee makers you’ve probably heard of.

First, let’s start with espresso coffee makers. Among them, there are two categories, manual and automatic. Generally fast and easy to use, these coffee machines are popular with heavy drinkers. The problem is often their cost rather expensive.

The coffee pod, we know it well. Insert a capsule into the machine, press the button, and you’re done! The main advantage of these coffee makers is their size is often compact and that suddenly, they do not take too much space in our kitchen.

The coffee machines beans are also very popular among coffee lovers. They make it possible to preserve the aroma of the coffee as much as possible, and the varieties of coffee beans on sale on the market are numerous. Remember, however, that it requires a lot of maintenance.

For a large bowl of coffee that gives fishing in the morning, the filter or programmable coffee maker remains among the darlings of consumers. The capacity of this coffee machine and its often reasonable price make it indisputable qualities in the eyes of consumers.

The so-called combined coffee maker, you know? This is the ideal option for homes where one prefers espresso well and the other a filter coffee. Indeed, this machine 2 has both features.

Did you know that you could make your coffee and keep it warm then? An insulated coffee maker is a small appliance that combines the preparation of your drink while keeping it warm for several hours afterward.

For those who prefer to do everything themselves in general, the manual coffee maker is manifest. You will see, however, that there are many types of manual coffee machines for all budgets. You will be spoiled for choice!

There are also stainless steel coffee makers on the market. Stainless steel has the great advantage of allowing easy and fast cleaning. Moreover, nowadays, this material gently takes the place of aluminum.

The pinnacle of luxury is the built-in coffee machine. These automatic devices with a modern and refined look are at the cutting edge of fashion. If you have the means, because no it is not given, this machine can prepare his coffee without the kitchen work plan is invaded!

Often confused with the filter coffee maker, the percolator uses the same process as the Italian coffee machines. Remember, however, that this coffee maker can prepare only one kind of coffee.

Finally, in another genre and for other users, the professional coffee machines are naturally popular restaurants, bars, or pubs. They allow their owner to prepare many quality coffees simultaneously and easily

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