Top 10 The Best Dishwasher Reviews [Buying Guide]

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The practical and economic aspect of the dishwasher is well established. In terms of water and electricity consumption, hand washing requires at least 30 liters of water per wash. A good dishwasher will consume less than 15 liters per cycle. By hand, the cost of the energy needed to heat the water will be comparable to the consumption of the dishwasher, a modest 25 cents per wash. We have discussed here about top 10 the best dishwasher reviews.

If you have a habit of cleaning every meal with your dishes and you put less than 15 minutes to wash and dry, the dishwasher is not essential. Be aware that a dishwasher cleans at high temperatures with not all detergents, rinse aid, and regenerating salt. It can damage fragile dishes. The cost of all-in-one tablets (up to 30 cents per wash) or detergent, rinse aid, and restoring salt is to be included in the budget.

Why you need to buy a dishwasher?

By choosing to buy a dishwasher, you will be offered the opportunity to enjoy many benefits, which we will talk about below. But if this type of equipment is also appreciated since it exists, this is mainly due to the fact that it is incredibly useful while being particularly easy to use. Indeed, to put it on the road and to enjoy irreproachable results, it is not more than thirty seconds that you will need. At present, the dishwasher is still one of the most straightforward appliances to use.

The dishwasher is also known to be an incredible source of financial savings. If at first glance its price may appear to be relatively high, we will demonstrate below that it is actually a particularly simple solution to save several tens of euros per year, while offering you more time free and decreasing the physical effort related to the cleaning of the dishes by hand, which can cause more or less severe pain in the lumbar region.

What are the advantages of a dishwasher?

The dishwasher is significant appliance equipment of its kind that you can never regret the purchase as the benefits it will offer you will be many. Below, we wanted to focus on the three main benefits of such equipment, provided that you take the time to choose a quality dishwasher, a point we will come back to later.

Save time every day with an efficient dishwasher

In the first place, the dishwasher is a piece of equipment that you cannot imagine for one moment being able to pass you by as it will save you time, and this daily. Indeed, you will not have to devote several minutes of your daily time to the cleaning of your crockery since your new apparatus will take care of it for you, and in an entire freeway.

Each week, you will save several hours of your time, which will allow you to go to many other occupations much more interesting to you. And there is no doubt that after enjoying this comfort, you will wonder how you used to spend so much time on such a long and repetitive task.

Achieve significant financial savings on more points

Best dishwashers of the year, as we told you before, many consumers do not dare to go overboard and buy a dishwasher because the price can be several hundred euros. However, this should not be considered an expense but rather an excellent opportunity to save money, bringing this type of equipment into the category of cost-effective appliances.

To wash 12 cutleries by hand, it is, on average, 42 liters of water that are necessary, while a dishwasher, for precisely the same task, will consume only 15 liters of water, ie, almost three times less. Multiply this volume of water by the number of times you do the dishes in the year, and the result may well leave you speechless. Concretely, in less than a year, in the case of this example, your purchase will be profitable.

Have the guarantee of keeping your dishes as new longer

While washing your dishes by hand, you should use all kinds of sponges and dishwashing products that can damage your dishes. Indeed, the scraping side of the sponge will give rise to many micro-scratches on your glasses or plates while the soft team has, unfortunately, the faculty to particularly effectively retain the germs and other bacteria that will increase there. The washing-up product is also made from abrasive materials, which allows it to be effective.

In the case of a dishwasher, you will not have this type of problem to predict. Indeed, the washing will be done through nozzles that can be two or three and which, combined with a cleaning product, will take off the dirt without the need to rub on the dishes. Thus, at the end of the cycle, you will find your plates, cutlery, or glasses as elegant and sparkling as the first day.

Tips for choosing the right dishwasher

  1. Select the device type and its dimensions

Most dishwashers are standard size: they are 24 inches wide, 33.5 inches high, and 22.7 to 25.3 inches deep. Check the dimensions of the device you plan to buy to make sure it fits in the space provided.

Built-In Dishwashers

Dishwashers Built (built-in or built-in) to be installed under a work plan, are most prevalent in the market. Besides, protect yourself only tests this type of model for now. Completely integral devices, unlike semi-integrated, can be covered with a door identical to those of your kitchen cabinets, which allows you to hide them. The dishwasher controls are located on the top of the door and are invisible when the door is closed. Some manufacturers offer “XXL” built-in dishwashers up to 35 “high. You will also find narrow models (slimline), 18 “wide, which is ideal for small households or apartment kitchens.

Stand-alone dishwashers

Do you not have space under your counters? Some built-in models are also available as independent models. They are then closed on all sides and have a worktop on the top. You can install such a dishwasher anywhere near a water supply and a return. If you move, you can easily take it with you, which is sometimes tricky with a built-in model, which requires work to be disconnected.

Portable dishwashers

Do you have little space in your kitchen? Other options are available to you. Compact models have casters and can easily be moved to another room. This type of appliance does not require any permanent connection to the plumbing; all you have to do is connect it to the kitchen faucet and place the return pipe in the sink. Some widths are available: 18, 21, and 24 inches.

Counter top dishwasher

These models, with a capacity of 6 to 7 covers approximately, take place on the work plan. As they plug into the kitchen faucet and empty directly into the sink, they install and retreat quickly.

Dishwasher with drawer

The dishwasher drawer is gaining popularity because they occupy little space (equivalent to that of a deep drawer or a microwave oven) and can be embedded in a worktop. Some models with double drawers could even offer a capacity comparable to that of traditional models. Few manufacturers, however, offer this option.

  1. Choose the ability of the dishwasher

The capacity of a dishwasher corresponds to the number of covers (of 10 items) that can accommodate during a wash cycle. Standard size dishwashers have a capacity of about 12 seats, but some can accommodate up to 16.

  • For a family, choose a model of at least 12 place settings.
  • Do you use a lot of dishes or receive them often? Prefer a high capacity model, at least 14 seats.
  • Narrow 18 “models can accommodate 8 to 10 seats, which is sufficient for single people and couples without children.
  • Drawer and counter top models generally have a capacity limited to 6 or 7 places. Also, it is difficult to accommodate large items.

Note that the displayed capacity is approximate because few people place rigorously even cutlery in their apparatus without adding service bowls or other utensils of different sizes.

Choose according to your cutlery and your use. Be aware that some dishwashers have the same capacity, but are not nearly as habitable. If necessary, bring items that you often use to the store to see if the device will accommodate them.

  1. Check the wash cycles offered

The least expensive devices have necessary wash cycles (regular, economical / environmentally friendly), while more expensive models offer more specialized programs (fast, half load, Prewash, delicate, pots, intensive). You do not have to have as many, because you probably will not use them. Go to basics; the dishwasher will be easier to understand and use.

  • The regular or normal cycle

The regular cycle, or standard, washes the dirty dishes at a temperature of 60 to 70 o C. This cycle lasts an average of 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • Auto or smart cycle

With intelligent sensors, this cycle adjusts the amount of water, or its temperature, to the number of items in the device and the degree of dirt in the water.

  • Economic or ecological cycle

The economy cycle consumes less energy (the wash temperature is around 50 o C) and uses less water (for example, recycling the rinse water for the next wash) than the others. On the other hand, the duration of the cycle is often long and can reach almost four hours.

Other cycles

  • The fast cycle lasts 30 to 60 minutes. It is useful for lightly soiled or pre-seasoned cutlery.
  • The half load cycle adjusts the amount of water and washes time for small loads.
  • The gentle cycle is used to remove delicate items, but you are unlikely to use it often.
  • The intensive cycle is useful for cleaning filthy dishes, but it consumes more water and electricity than others because the washing temperature is high (more than 70 o C).
  • Rinse / full tank cycle rinses dirty dishes until you start an entire period. This option is useful for reducing odors and avoiding having to clean the cutlery by hand if you do not turn on the machine immediately after the meal.
  • The clean rinse, which is done at a very high temperature, would eliminate bacteria and germs that are on the dishes, according to the manufacturers.
  1. Choose options that make filling easier

  • Adjustable upper basket

This is, by far, the most useful option. By adjusting the height of the top basket, you can adapt the loading space to your needs, for example, to accommodate large wine glasses or champagne flutes. In some dishwashers, you can adjust the basket even if it is full; in others, you can change only one side of the bucket if necessary, which can be useful if you wash large glasses and large plates at the same time. Choose baskets with two quick-release clips.

  • A third basket

Some high-end models have a third basket that slips over the top basket, allowing you to place flat utensils, accessories, and even small cups.

  • Folding rods and sides

The vertical rods, which can be moved or folded, and the foldable sides allow you to configure your baskets to accommodate different sizes of items, from large pots to delicate wine glasses. Pay particular attention to the height of the stems; the shorter ones hold the dishes less well, which could fall on top of one another and prevent proper washing.

  • Basket or tray for utensils?

Our tests show that the type of storage has little effect on the quality of the wash. It is, therefore, a question of preference. The tray releases space in the lower part but removes it in the upper part. It allows you to sort the utensils before washing, while the basket requires you to do it when loading. If you have a bucket, be careful not to hurt yourself by hanging a knife during the various manipulations. Also, prefer the baskets with a grid that separates the utensils, it facilitates their washing. Removable grilles are more comfortable to use than fixed ones.

  1. Prefer a silent dishwasher

Do you have an old dishwasher? You will be amazed at how quiet the new devices are. A standard model produces about 50 dB (A), which is comparable to the noise in a busy restaurant. The most silent models emit about 40 dB (A), the sound level in a library. Unfortunately, dB (A) is rarely reported on products or manufacturers’ sites. Rely on our tests!

Some devices emit a beep that can startle you when you start or end a cycle. Fortunately, most of the time, you can disable it. Consult your user manual.

  1. Opt for an energy-efficient model

The consumption of water and electricity is an important criterion when buying a dishwasher. Choose an Energy Star Energy-Efficient Model. He will be less greedy than another who is not certified.

  1. Examine other cleaning functions

The orders

  • Commands on the front or top of the door: Conventional controls on the front of the dishwasher allow you to see at a glance the current cycle or the time remaining. The integrated controls on the top of the door are invisible when it is closed and are out of the reach of children. If you choose a dishwasher with built-in controls, but you also want to know the remaining cycle time, opt for a model with light or screen on the door.
  • Indicators for softener and rinse aid: These indicators indicate when it is necessary to add the water softener or the rinse aid. They are convenient as long as they are placed in front of the door rather than on the top.

Cleaning functions

  • Delay Start: This function allows you to choose the right time to start a wash. It is beneficial when you want to avoid rush hours of electricity consumption, or if you’re going to listen to your favorite show without being disturbed by the noise.
  • Filter and grinder: A model equipped with a screen and garbage disposal will save you from having to rinse the cutlery before putting them in the dishwasher. Prefer a self-cleaning filter. If not, check that the screen is accessible and easy to remove and clean.
  • Smart Sensors: Present on several new models, these sensors detect the size of the load or the degree of dirtiness of the water. The cycle time and the water temperature then adjust to optimize the wash.
  • Wash area: Some dishwashers offer a mixed wash cycle that uses jets of different pressure water at the top and bottom of the unit. The pressure is low in the upper rack, where the glasses are housed, and is higher in the lower shelf, where the dirtiest items are.
  • Water softener: Use this option if you live in a hard water area. The water softener makes the soap more effective. In the greater Montreal area and Quebec City, however, the water is quite soft; you do not need such a device.
  • Removable spray arm: A movable arm is easier to maintain than a fixed-wing because it gives you access to small holes that you can open with a toothpick or a needle to knit.
  • Fan and automatic opening: Some models dry the dishes with the assistance of a fan or open by themselves once the washing is done, which favors drying.

Security features

  • Protective lock: If you have children, or you want to avoid getting into the buttons, prefer a model whose door opening is locked or where the controls are impossible to change once engaged. This option prevents accidents by preventing access to liquid dispensers (risk of intoxication) or inside the tank (risk of burns at the end of the cycle).
  • Anti-overflow and anti-flood device: All models tested to trigger a drain cycle in the event of continuous water entry, which reduces the risk of significant damage. Some of them are also equipped with a housing that cuts off power in the event of a leak at the inlet pipe.

Protected or hidden heating element: Food and plastic pots are not likely to burn or melt when falling on the part if it is protected or hidden. If it is exposed, avoid washing small plastic items, make sure the dishes cannot fall, and store them in the upper basket.

Top 10 The Best Dishwasher Reviews In The Market

1) Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ

Do you want a reliable, built-in dishwasher with the correct versatility and secure handling? If you’re not comfortable with entry-level products, the Whirlpool WDTA50SAHZ is an interesting mid-range choice. You can usually get it on the web for about $ 800.

You have five washing cycles on this product, which brings it closer to the entry-level and mechanically decreases its efficiency. You can choose between these options: regular washing, 1 hour, intensive, high temperature, or with automatic detection of the best parameters. The hot and prolonged drying is proposed.

The top rack can be adjusted up to 2 “, allowing you to wash all types of utensils and cutlery. A utensil basket can be moved to match the machine to the intended load better. Be aware that the device is rather discreet, with a sound volume of 47 dB quite reasonable.

It adopts quite common proportions for a dishwasher, 23.87 * 34.5 * 24.5 inches, which corresponds to 60.62 cm * 87.63 cm * 62.23 cm for 24.46 kg, which is equivalent to 53.92 lbs. It is light enough, therefore, to be moved. It has a recessed handle that we find rather practical, and above all, quite elegant.

Whirlpool is a well-established brand, and we have not seen any issues with the ruggedness of the device. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor. You can safely expect to keep the dishwasher for several years

Some additional features are available, without really distinguishing themselves from what exists on other references: a nozzle arm and a dirt sensor allowing adaptation of the normal cycle are integrated.


  • Well contained noise
  • Intuitive controls
  • Quality of manufacture


  • Performance a little behind the category

2) Bosch SMS25AW00F

Bosch, the German giant appliance, offers the first dishwasher in our comparison. It is a model to ask of 12 cutleries, which is therefore perfect for the use of a “standard” family. Large families, for their part, will turn to a more suitable model.

It has five rather classic programs: intensive 70 ° (for filthy dishes), auto 45-65 ° (for usual meals), Eco 50 ° (reduced consumption of water and electricity), Express (1 hour) ) at 65 ° and, finally, glass 40 ° (to clean a lot of glasses).

An exciting feature, it has a delayed start program for up to 24 hours, which is rather comfortable for an entry-level model. This is very convenient if you have to be away for a while but want the dishes to be ready for your return.

It also has the “Aquastop” function, a safety device that allows the machine to detect any water leakage to cut it directly and thus avoid any risk of flooding. Finally, with a noise level of 48 dB, it is relatively quiet, even if a sound below the 45 dB would have been considerable.

It is a class A + model, very economical in electricity, therefore, but it still consumes 11.5 L of water. It’s more than some more upscale models that we offer later, but it is reasonable.

On the other hand, if there is a defect on this device, it is the bottom of its tank, which is plastic. A base in stainless steel is generally a better guarantee of quality, but the users do not seem to report a defect on the duration at the moment.

In conclusion, here is an entry-level dishwasher that works perfectly and has some assets that are worth seeing because of its low price. He is nevertheless slightly noisier and more energy-hungry than his competitor Whirlpool.


  • Affordable price
  • Quick setup
  • Delayed start until 24h


  • 11.5 L of water consumed

3) Beko DFN100

If you are looking for a dishwasher that knows how to be reliable and economical at the same time, both for purchase and use, then the Beko DFN100 dishwasher could do all your happiness.

Indeed, the brand has made sure to develop a piece of impeccable equipment in all points of view that will allow you to take care of your dishes without having to spend hours every week for as much.

Capable of accommodating up to 12 diners while still ensuring flawless washing, the Beko DFN100 can rightly be considered the dishwasher whose value for money is currently the best.


  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Energy consumption per cycle: 1.02 kWh
  • Water consumption per cycle: 12 L. Width: 598 mm


  • Basket is not adjustable

4) Bosch SMS25GW02E

Always on the side of Bosch, here is a model that we had trouble deciding with the SMS25AW00F. Indeed, they have many common characteristics, for a price difference quite sensitive.

This dishwasher is also a model 12 covered category A +, with the same five programs, the very start delayed to 24 hours, and a design and equivalent dimensions.

However, this model a little more recent has two advantages over its big brother: it is a nothing quieter, with 46 dB (against 48), and more water-efficient, with only 9.5 L consumed per cycle.

If its essential investment is a little more consequent, it is therefore also more water-saving over time, which is ultimately more interesting if you often use your dishwasher or want to keep it for many years. Everything here is about initial budget capacity, but this model can quickly make the price difference profitable.


  • Little price
  • 9.5 L
  • Delayed start-up to 24 hours


  • Not quite silent either


5) Whirlpool 3T123

Exceeding substantially the 500 € marks, this dishwasher has 14 covers has more than one string to his bow!

With Power Clean pro-technology, it is possible to vertically place dishes and pans with the most encrusted soils, to subject them to 28 high-pressure jets that will eliminate all the most boring stains to clean.

Besides, it is very flexible, allowing us to adapt to the internal space of the dishwasher. Thus, the upper basket is adjustable in height, which helps to create additional space. The inner buckets, they are flexible and foldable to adapt to any need. It is, therefore, straightforward to place many plates or pans quickly.

It has eight wash programs, so it fits your needs and, of course, it can use the delayed start function, but only at midnight. This action can still save money by running the machine during off-peak hours.

And yet it is already quite economical. This is the first model of our selection to integrate the A ++ class. So you can save on energy and the amount of detergent for the same result.

In terms of water consumption, not only does it consume only 9.5 L, but with some options, it can still significantly reduce this consumption. The “Single Basket,” for example, allows the dishwasher to be used effectively without the dishwasher being filled.

But also, it offers 6th Sense Eco-friendly technology: thanks to sensors that continuously manage the washing cycles by detecting the levels of dirt, it can adjust the number of resources needed to take this dirt lad efficiently.

This not only allows for a perfect wash but also saves water and time up to 50%!

Finally, last but not least, it’s sound level is only 43 dB, placing it in the category of silent models.

In conclusion, this dishwasher currently offers, in our opinion, the best quality/price ratio. Economical, flexible, and benefitting from 6th Sense Eco-friendly technology, the Whirlpool is one of the dishwashers we recommend with your eyes closed, especially if you do not have an unlimited budget to devote to this type of device.


  • Energy class A ++
  • Water Saver
  • Modular baskets


  • Delayed start of only 12 hours

6) Siemens SN236I02GE

This dishwasher 12 cutlery offered by Siemens has included our selection thanks to its discretion and low consumption. First of all, it’s easy to install thanks to its free-standing design. With its stainless steel color, it can fit perfectly in any kitchen.

It offers six classic programs: Intensive 70 °, Auto 45-65 °, Eco 50 °, Glass 40 °, Express (1 hour) 65 °, and Prewash. Highly flexible, its upper basket fits on three heights, and baskets are foldable to meet your needs of the moment best. It also has an “intensive zone” for washing pots and pans.

Like the Whirlpool 3T123, this unit has an A ++ energy class. This means that this machine consumes 20% less energy than a class A + dishwasher. The water consumption is also identical, with an average of 9.5 L.

Also, this machine has a delayed start function of up to 24 hours to take advantage of off-peak hours, and the “Aquastop” feature, which also helps to save water by cutting off when a leak or leak occurs. Overflow.

But aside from its economy, this dishwasher has other enticing features. Thus, the heat during washing serves to heat the tank of the apparatus. This prevents any thermal shock to the dishes, which can retain its brilliance.

Finally, it is also relatively quiet, with only 44 dB during operation. It is designed with Protect Vere technology, which helps reduce the acidity of the water. The glasses, therefore, remain sparkling, but that’s all benefit, of course, for the rest of the dishes.

In the end, it is an exciting and flexible model, which has the features necessary for proper maintenance of your dishes, without necessarily spending a fortune for a dishwasher.



  • Energy class A ++
  • Reduces the acidity of the water
  • Very flexible


  • It suffers from the Whirlpool 3T123 competition


7) Siemens iQ700 SN278I36TE

With the Siemens iQ700, the performance combines with an elegant aesthetic.

Its stainless steel design with anti-fingerprint coating is, in our opinion, the most beautiful effect. But still, it is equipped with two LED lamps in the frame of his door, which fill the dishwasher with soft blue light at each opening. Convenient for storage and visually appealing in a modern kitchen!

Its high-resolution screen is efficient and ergonomic because it facilitates the programming of the dishwasher and immediately displays all the useful information concerning the current program. Individual program settings can also be selected easily and quickly.

Inside, nothing wrong with practice: it has three folding and detachable shelves. The lower basket, it offers additional space with its folding front part. This makes it all the easier to house stoves, pots, and other large utensils to clean. The upper basket is adjustable on three levels.

It offers no less than eight programs: Intensive (70 °), Auto (45-65 °), Eco (50 °), Silence (50 °), Daily (60 °), Glass (40 ° C), Fast (45 °) °), Prewash. Drying, a little longer than for a healthy program, is carried out at a suitable temperature to guarantee a very delicate drying.

The “Auto” program benefits from the “aqua sensor” feature, which controls the turbidity of the water, automatically determine the amount of clean water to be added and detects when it needs to be injected.

The “Zone Intensive” option is exciting: it increases the pressure of the jet in the bottom basket to eliminate the stubbornness dirt, while the upper basket maintains a gentle cleaning system for delicate dishes.

Finally, consumption level, we are facing a real champion. Coming from class A +++, it consumes only 7.5 L of water. It is, therefore, without question, the most economical of our selection.

Finally, this dishwasher has a self-locking door that blocks the opening during washing, minimizing the risk of accidents.

In the end, if you have no budget restrictions, and are part of a large family, the Siemens IQ700 is the dishwasher you need! Design, economical, and offering an automatic door lock, it deserves its place in our selection by presenting an excellent quality/price ratio considering the options that it integrates.



  • Very aesthetic design, with LED lamps
  • Water consumption 7.5 L only
  • Automatic locking of the door


  • High price


8) Miele G4922

Its capacities, first of all, distinguished this first model Miele of our selection: of a position of 13 place settings, it is so flexible that it allows us to carry out the same job as 14 or 15 covers.

Although its price is quite high, it offers only five wash programs: Eco / Auto / Daily / Intensive / Fragile. This seems a little bit, but it is clear that at each level, it is frighteningly effective.

Equipped with two adjustable baskets, it can clean the bulkiest utensils such as casseroles or everything, lifting each bucket to the desired height. The cutlery basket is exclusive to the Miele brand and has been specially designed for perfect cleaning and high-quality organization.

Like most of its competitors, this dishwasher offers a delayed start feature up to 24 hours, a pledge of potential savings.

Moreover, its user interface is very ergonomic and intuitive. It is straightforward to select the program you want with the control panel, accompanied by a digital screen that displays the time remaining before the end of the wash program.

The energy level is again a model A ++, but with a water consumption a little higher: 10 L. However, it remains economical!

And as far as noise is concerned, it is equivalent to Siemens, with only 44 dB displayed. You will be able to run your machine during off-peak hours without fear of disturbing your neighbors.

On the other hand, if this dishwasher Miele has strengths, it sins a little in terms of the number of baskets available.

In summary, the only small drawback that we would have to blame for a device offered at this price is the presence of only five wash programs, as effective as they are. Despite this, this dishwasher is an excellent value for money, offering an outstanding capacity of cutlery and a very practical and easy to use interface. It has a lot of room in our selection.


  • Easy interface, with the digital screen
  • Ergonomic cutlery basket
  • Delayed start until 24h


  • Only five wash programs

9) Bosch SMS40D62EU

Designed to be suitable for all types of consumers, the Bosch SMS40D62EU dishwasher is a device that is very popular with consumers because it is powerful yet still relatively affordable financially.

But what is its real strength is also the fact that it knows how to be very efficient while being very economical in terms of water consumption and electricity consumption. In short, if you want to save time and money while making sure your dishes are always clean, then choosing the Bosch SMS40D62EU is the best decision you can make.


  • Number of place settings: 12 places
  • Noise level: 48 dB
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Energy consumption per cycle: 1.02 kWh


  • Costly to repair

10) Bosch SHE3AR75UC

In terms of proportions, the device is rather conforming to the standards. Its dimensions are 23.2 * 33.9 * 22.4 inches, which is equivalent to 58.93 * 86.11 * 57 cm, for a weight of 43 kg or 94.8 lbs. It is built-in controls are also smartly positioned on the front.

However, here we touch on one of the disadvantages of the product: you must read the manual, and the grip is not incredibly intuitive. Although this did not seem very embarrassing, you may be put off by the required adaptation time.

If you want to clean large enough utensils, be aware that the height of the upper basket is adjustable. So you should not be caught off guard, even when you put a lot of stoves and pans into the machine.

It should be noted that this dishwasher has a sanitation option whose purpose is the elimination of bacterial residues that may be present on your cutlery. This also has the effect of facilitating drying. If you are very conscientious about health, it’s perfect. Triple filtration overcomes food particles.

Also, the product is environmentally friendly and has a reasonable consumption of electricity. Energy Star certification has been issued. You benefit from a half-load mode, to save water. The quality of manufacture is also at the rendezvous, thanks to the stainless steel. The warranty is one year, on parts and labor.

In addition to regular and half-load cycles, you have four other wash options: automatic, fast, gentle, and scrubbing, bringing you a total of six cycles. You can pre-program the device start-up, with three options: 3, 6, or 9 hours. It makes an audible noise but contained at 50 dB.


  • Outstanding value for money
  • Delayed start
  • Fight against bacteria


  • little Bit long to take in hand

How do we choose?

With the number of dishwasher models available on the market, it’s not easy to make a choice and be sure not to regret it.

To help you buy the dishwasher that fits your needs, it is essential first to categorize the models you may encounter.

  • The dishwasher to ask (free standing): this is the most widespread model in France. It is straightforward to install and move. Generally standard in size, it often fits under a sink or next to a worktop.
  • The built-in dishwasher: this model is specially designed to be installed in an already equipped kitchen, inside the kitchen furniture. It can then be embellished with a facade to match your other furniture, to remain discreet, even invisible.
  • The built-in dishwasher: this model is designed to fit under a kitchen plan, for example, by removing the top tray. This time, it is impossible to place a facade of the color of the kitchen. He is, therefore, more clairvoyant.

Other criteria are also crucial. It is essential to take a dishwasher adapted to the number of covers:

  • Nine covers: Typically, 45 cm wide, 9-place dishwashers are specifically designed for singles or couples.
  • Twelve place settings: 60 cm wide, 12 dishwashers are the most standard. They are perfect for a family with 1 or 2 children.
  • 14 or 15 covers: the width may vary, but they usually try to comply with the standard 60 cm. This is the capacity to consider if you have a large family or if you like to receive it. The large size will prove very useful to slide your pots or cumbersome casseroles.

The number of programs available on dishwashers can go from single to double and very quickly push up prices. All is not to be deceived by a super-equipped model in which you will use a third of the features.

Among the features that can make the difference, you have:

  • The half load control: this program allows you to wash your dishes without filling the machine, thus saving water and electricity. This can be handy if you are not numerous at home. This function can appear under different names depending on the brand.
  • Quick order: it usually cleans your dishes in 30 minutes at a temperature ranging from 35 to 75 degrees.
  • Delayed start: If your electricity supplier offers you an off-peak rate, it’s a good idea to select a dishwasher with the “Delayed Start” feature. This can allow you to set a dishwasher to start when you return from work, for example, if you do not want it to run in your absence, but without the risk of forgetting to throw it on your return.
  • A child safety device: this device allows the program to continue to turn even if your short end comes to play with the buttons. There is also the Aquastop, which turns off the water if the machine detects a leak, to avoid the risk of flooding. It is not uncommon to find this function at Whirlpool, Bosch, and Siemens.
  • The sound level: a silent dishwasher (if it does not exceed 45 decibels) is better, especially in the long run. However, be careful with entry-level models that, although quiet at first, can start to make more noise with the wear.
  • The type of tank: it may be useful to opt for a model containing a stainless steel tank, which will resist more easily to aggression.
  • Modularity: Modularity is the ability of your dishwasher to adapt to the most substantial dishes. If you tend to prepare large casseroles or other casseroles, a dishwasher with several adjustable baskets will make your life a lot easier.
  • Energy consumption: do not lose sight of electricity consumption because a dishwasher can be extremely energy-intensive! They are generally classified from A (economic) to D (evil).

A detailed analysis of these criteria allowed us to isolate about twenty models. We then proceeded, for each of them, to a thorough reading of the user reviews, both on the francophone and Anglophone side.

This research led us to offer the six dishwashers below as the most interesting of the moment. They all have an energy class between A + and A +++, so have no fear for your power consumption! On the other hand, once bought, do not forget to maintain it if you wish to use it for a long time.


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