Top 11 The Best Microwave Oven Reviews

microwave-oven review
microwave-oven review

Nowadays, everything is going too fast, we have no time for anything, and the manufacturers of household appliances are aware of it. That’s why they have to adapt to this new way of life in a hurried society. So, if there is indeed a device ideally in line with the current state of mind and very popular in households in the hexagon, it is the microwave. We can say with certainty that most of us could today do without a built-in oven, but certainly not a microwave! The proof is that more than 70% people have one in their kitchen.

It is indeed a guarantor of an undeniable gain of time. And to better adapt and evolve in harmony with its consumers, microwaves have experienced a spike in evolution over the last twenty years. And some products are genuine pearls of technology. But no matter its options, its functions, its price, or its power, a microwave will never be very bulky. It will find its place in any kitchen.

And if it is so coveted, it is because it is accessible and intended for everyone, without exception since its use is relatively simple, and even the most advanced models offering lighting and electronic displays are economical.

Some manufacturers endow their machines with a lot of features, and others remain simple and basic. Whatever your needs, your desires, and your habits, you will necessarily find the microwave that suits you. We discussed about the best microwave oven reviews in this content.

How to choose the best microwave?

So a lot of features that you will have to take into account. First, ask yourself what type of microwave you need. There are 3:

The standard microwaves: the most basic and also the cheapest because they offer the minimum functionality. If this kind of device is enough for the use you intend to make, you will not have much to check. Firstly, its size: make sure it fits the number of people in your family, then make sure it’s sturdy enough for the size you choose. A power of 900 Watts is a reasonable choice.

The microwaves with grill have the same functions as conventional microwaves but also offer a grill function. This one will allow you, among others, to cook pizzas, or to brown your dishes. But do not get me wrong; it will not replace your oven; you will not be able to bake cakes, for example. And you will have to choose between its two main functions since it is unable to combine the microwave function and the grill function.

The combined microwaves are, therefore, the most elaborate. To use these two functions at the same time, to cook, to grill, etc. it is of this type of microwave which you will have to provide you. These are also the most expensive ones. But it could replace a traditional oven, which would be much costlier, because thanks to their fans, some models can even simulate a rotating heat.

Once you have chosen between these three types of microwaves, you will be able to study the technical characteristics and other criteria necessary for the choice of the appliance, which will correspond to you best. For example, start by considering the different volumes that manufacturers offer. The best way to get an idea of ​​the size of a microwave is to watch the size of the tray. The diameter varies between 27 and 40 centimeters, which is relatively consistent. Everything will depend on the use you want to make (warm your plates, bowls of milk, or even insert large dishes).

Depending on the volume chosen, you will have to opt for adequate power. Its range is also wide since it can vary from 300 to 1200 Watts. But it is clear that the higher the power, the more efficient and fast the microwave will be. Also, you will always be able to adjust the power of your microwave, ie, if your device has a maximum power of 1,200 Watts, you can forever change it to lower energy.

The different programs and additional functions proposed by the manufacturer will also be a criterion to be taken into account. Look at the ones that interest you among those offered, but do not forget that this choice should be made according to your budget, which will be the last criterion in the selection of your microwave as for any of your purchases.

How to clean a microwave?

If the microwave is probably the device you use the most in your kitchen by its practicality and speed, it is suddenly the one you need to clean most frequently. Fortunately, its maintenance is rather simple. Here’s how to clean and maintain its various elements.

The interior of the microwave oven: for this, there are various more or less natural products such as washing up, claystone, white vinegar, or a lemon solution. Soak a sponge with one of these products and clean the inside walls. But you can also mix some water with lemon juice in a bowl and start reheating for a few minutes. The degreasing capacities of this one will take effect thanks to the heat. They will have the advantage of also eliminating bad odors.

The glass of the microwave oven can be cleaned with household alcohol and a cloth, the same way you sweep any of the stainless steel surfaces.

Grids will require a bath with detergent. Just soak them in your sink, let it work for 1 to 2 hours and rinse.

To clean the stainless steel upholstery, use a sponge moistened with soapy water and a little white vinegar or claystone. Once this solution is applied, wipe immediately to prevent it from leaving traces,

Top 11 The Best Microwave Oven For Different Price Rang.

1) Samsung MS28J5215AW

Around 150 €, it is already possible for you to offer a monofunctional model from Samsung, a brand well known for the quality of its high-tech products and appliances. 

To simplify your life, Samsung offers no less than 16 preprogrammed menus, a plate warmer function, and an automatic cooking and defrosting function (calculation of the automatic cooking / defrosting time depending on the type of food). Dish and its weight) that make its use quite simple.

Faced with its competitor at Essential, Samsung stands out with a more efficient heater. With 1000 W of microwave power and seven levels of adjustment, it is a step up. And the users testify: its efficiency conquers them. Also, this model integrates a 2D system, which diffuses the waves via two sources for a more homogeneous reheating.

In terms of capacity, it offers an ability of 28 L. You can easily slide on a 31.8 cm tray a more substantial dish or a huge plate. It has ideal size for family use. And a decisive point: the plate is turning and disengaged.

Here, the cavity has the advantage of being enameled ceramic, a material resistant to wear and abrasion, and super easy to clean.

Also equipped with a side door opening, a child safety, electronic controls, and a time of 99 minutes, it is rather ergonomic. Nevertheless, note that the microwave instructions are all written in English. Although simple, they must be understood.

This microwave we liked by its capacity, its efficiency, but also through several programs that simplify its use. It is clear that even at a low price, Samsung retains its excellent material and technical quality.


Power of 1000W

Enameled ceramic cavity

Power of 1000W

 Affordable price


Have some complaints about the closing door.
(This product is not available in the market now. You can check similar one bellow)

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2) Essentielb EM232m

This microwave is a single-function model offered by Essentielb, the brand created by Boulanger that develops all kinds of products combining material quality and affordable price.

Its use is rather standard. It allows you to defrost, heat, or cook food quickly. But it also incorporates eight pre-programmed menus, including programs dedicated to prepared dishes, casseroles, french fries, or fish. And for everyday cooking, it’s good enough.

With 800 W and five power levels, it will be suitable for many preparations. Some users note, however, that it vibrates a little when switching on and blame him for a rather long heating time. 

Equipped with a 27-cm turntable and a capacity of 23 L, it can accommodate a large plate or a small dish. We recommend it for couples rather than families. But at this price, trying to find larger microwaves.

Made of stainless steel, material appreciated for its robustness and ease of maintenance, we regret that the interior (the cavity) is only painted. Admittedly, it’s easy to clean, but paint can flake over time.

For ergonomic use, this microwave has a side door, electronic controls, child safety, and an automatic shut-off timer after 95 minutes (rather convenient to avoid finding your dishes burnt).

Finally, note that Boulanger provides a 2-year warranty on all its products. Finally, with a neat stainless steel design and good quality, the Essentielb EM232m already offers excellent performance. With several programs and different levels of power, it will perform its role of microwaves wonderfully and is quite intuitive.


Different programs

Made of stainless steel

Easy to use


Small capacity

Unglazed cavity


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3) Essentielb EX305m

Here again, the Essentielb brand stands out, with a very interesting microwave for a combined model: the EX305m, a bestseller of their range.

Under its excellent clean design, this small machine embeds a classic microwave and a grill and oven mode. Among the functions that it incorporates, we find the usual “automatic defrosting,” the “crispy” (ideal for fries or pies), and “automatic cooking.” And that’s not all! It also offers ten pre-programmed recipes to cook pizzas, meats, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, fish, etc. (Automatic cooking: No need for instructions for use, the calculation of the cooking time is done automatically depending on the nature of the dish selected and its weight.

With five power levels ranging from 900 W for the microwave (1100W for the grill) to 2500 W for the oven (convection), it has under the hood. With its large capacity of 30 L and a turntable of 31.5 cm, it will comfortably accommodate more significant foods. Families or fans of large tables will acclaim it.

Although displayed at a modest price, this microwave does not skimp on the material quality with a stable stainless cavity and easy to clean. Finally, it incorporates a timer of 95 minutes that could well save potential food disasters and child safety.

We particularly appreciate its design “mirror effect,” although apparently, this is not practical. Some users say it’s hard to see through the door to monitor cooking.

In short, if you are looking for a combination microwave without breaking the bank, this is the model for you! With a large capacity, a multitude of programs, and a licked design, the Essentielb EX305m is efficient, versatile, and very good material quality. Difficult to find a better quality/price ratio!


Large capacity of 30L

Impressive price for a handset

Stainless steel cavity and practical


Mirror effect impractical to monitor cooking


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4) Samsung EX MG28J5215AB

If the oven function is not essential for you, the Samsung EX MG28J5215AB will be an excellent choice. Here, no handset but a microwave grill that warms and grate.

Thus, it easily fulfills all the essential functions of the single microwave function while being able to brown, grill, or gratin ate your tasty dishes.

It incorporates classic but valuable functions such as automatic defrosting, keeping warm and cooking low temperature.

Equipped with six power levels, a 1500 W grill power, and a 900 W microwave power, it offers efficient cooking and fast heating time.

This microwave is suitable for cooking enthusiasts since it offers an excellent capacity of 28 L and a turntable and detachable 31.8 cm (enough for a large dish).

Again, Samsung does not disappoint us as to the material quality of the product. With an enameled ceramic cavity, this model promises to be durable and resistant.

With a side door opening, child safety, electronic controls, and a 99-minute timer, it’s easy to use and well thought out. Also, a small microwave grill (shelf) and a “plate warmer” accessory are provided with the device.

Finally, we have not much to blame this pretty microwave. And although the price of this model is higher than some of its competitors, it is justified by the material quality and efficiency offered by Samsung.


  • Excellent material quality
  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy enameled ceramic cavity


  • A little expensive

5) Samsung MC32J7055CT

Here we are again at Samsung with, this time, a combined model. It will be ideal for gourmets, those who want to connect two products in one or that lack space to install an oven and a microwave.

Like any combined model, this Samsung incorporates a grill function, as well as a rotating heat function. So you can cook like a real oven.

In addition to being 3-in-1 and apart from the traditional cooking modes offered, this microwave incorporates an impressive array of programs since it contains no less than 15 cooking presets. But it does not stop there.

Thus, you will find a Slim Fry technology (ideal for fried foods), a yogurt function (for making delicious homemade dairy products), as well as a lifting capacity (to easily prepare bread or pizza dough).

With an oven power of 2100 W, microwave power of 1400 W, and six different levels, you will always find the ideal temperature for each preparation.

And that, whatever their size (or almost). With a capacity of 32 L and a tray of 34.5 cm in diameter, this device will be large enough to accommodate large dishes.

Its stainless steel finish gives it a rather elegant and modern design, and its enameled ceramic cavity confirms the impression of robustness it gives in appearance.

For added safety and improved machine utilization, this microwave comes complete with child safety, a key that allows the tray to be turned off, and an Eco mode to save energy.

Small bonus: it comes with a crusty platter that will accompany your pizzas and pies in the microwave, and two shelves (small grids on stand). And best of all, it incorporates a Smart Moisture Sensor technology that is supposed to determine the optimal moisture to respect the texture and original taste of the ingredients.

In short, you will understand, the Samsung MC32J7055CT is the Rolls of microwaves. Replacing almost a real oven allows you to cook your food in many ways. And behind its considerable design, it is frighteningly useful and rather intuitive.

PS: Note, however, that the dashboard is in English and maybe a bit noisy. Also, since it offers a door with horizontal opening, avoid putting it in height (unless you measure 2 m).


  • Excellent material quality
  • Various functions
  • Power
  • Large capacity


  • A little expensive
  • A horizontal door that will not please everyone


6) Whirlpool JC 218

The JC 218 is a combination microwave oven by Whirlpool, well known for its excellence in home appliances.

It includes several classic functions such as Jet start, Jet Menu (offers programmed settings for preparing frozen dishes), and five cooking methods: microwave, grill, but also pulsed heat, steam, and Crisp.

With a microwave power of 1000 W, and eight levels of intensity, users are not disappointed with the efficiency of this device.

Level capacity, with 30 L, we are in the standard of high-end models, and it is enough to accommodate large dishes. On the other hand, it is not easy to monitor them without opening the door (low visibility).

The cavity liner is non-stick, making cleaning your microwave very simple. And for optimal use, it includes a tray stop option that allows you to accommodate large dishes and also provides child safety. Note, however, that the keys are not in French but in English, which may make the use more difficult for some.

To offer a high-quality model, Whirlpool has equipped the JC 218 with a Quartz grill (warms up to 3 times faster than a traditional restaurant) and a “3D System” (double wave output and shape specially adapted cavity which ensures excellent heat distribution).

In the end, it is an excellent high-end alternative that has the great advantage of offering steam cooking (quite rare). Although not offering a thousand and one options, here is a useful combination microwave! With a functional capacity, high power, and impeccable material quality, it is a model that does not deny the excellence that Whirlpool usually shows in the field of home appliances.


  • Steam function
  • Various functions
  • Power
  • Large capacity


  • The horizontal door that will not please everyone


7) Samsung MS23F301EAW-EG

Do not be fooled by the enormous size of this Samsung MS23F301EAW microwave because it is pleasantly light and easy to transport from one place to another in the house. With a weight of 998 grams, you can move this microwave according to your convenience in the house without any difficulty. It has a tiny screen which is marked by the information on the machine.

Also, this screen marks the exact time permanently to allow you to control your food with a timer.

Moreover, it has a large internal capacity of 23 liters, which is sufficient for the dishes of several people. It is a microwave powerful enough to cook your meals to perfection when needed.

Indeed, the Samsung MS23F301EAW is equipped with a very efficient triple diffusion system. With this system, the waves are broadcast from three different locations for a complete distribution of heat in the device.



  • Lightweight device
  • Triple diffusion of the waves
  • Large inner capacity
  • Defrosting program


  • Large size
  • Cumbersome
  • See the lowest price

8) Candy Mic 440 VTX combo microwave

The Candy Mic 440 VTX microwave is a built-in model that can be easily installed in a suitable kitchen unit and can be installed at a height or under a worktop. Thus, it dramatically limits clutter and is ideal for small spaces in the home.

It not only allows you to warm your dishes but also helps you to make tasty meals. It has an internal capacity of 44 liters, which is large enough to accommodate a large number of meals. Its use is quite simple and comfortable, thanks to a control screen placed just above the device.

It is a well-lit screen with a reactive touch for fast handling. Concerning its operating performance, this unit has a power of 900 watts, which allows it fast heating and, therefore, a fast-food performance. With an automatic defrost program, no need to make settings for foods straight out of the freezer. The machine will thaw them when necessary.


  • Multifunction machine
  • Illuminated touchscreen
  • Huge capacity
  • Automatic defrost


  •   High power needed


9) Panasonic NN-SD-456

With a microwave like the Panasonic NN-SD-456, you have several advanced features for comfortable use every day. It’s a tiny unit, 51 cm wide, that will not take up enough space on your worktop. On the contrary, you will have a considerable saving of space and substantial time saving with this machine.

Its particularity is that it incorporates an Inverter technology which allows it to keep all the flavor of your food even after extended cooking. The Panasonic NN-SD-456 is not only fast but also very efficient in terms of efficiency and power of operation.

It initially has 11 automatic programs that contribute to its ease of use. Then, its power of 1000 watts smoothly accompanies your food for fast, healthy, and tasty cooking.

For families with unruly children, a child lock is provided on this Panasonic NN-SD-456 to help you avoid any incident. However, its internal capacity of 38 cm is a little reduced to take a large number of meals.



  • Integrated inverter technology
  • Fast and efficient device
  • Child safety included
  • Excellent power


  • Small capacity

10) Daewoo KOR-6LBW

His choice of microwave does not rely on its external beauty. Still, as it is a device that will remain visible on the worktop, it is better a model that combines aesthetics and performance. That’s what you can find on this Daewoo Electronic KOR-6LBW microwave.

This is an elegant device that will beautify your kitchen or your work plan. It is completely covered with a white color that will find its place in any kitchen decor. For its operation, this device has four different automatic programs that work according to the food you put in it.

These different programs are accompanied by ten levels of power that you select yourself according to the food and the desired cooking. Thanks to this, the Daewoo Electronic KOR-6LBW microwave is much more practical. It does not require any additional effort to its user.

We appreciate the silence in which it allows us to work because it has a shallow sound level of 1dB. This microwave is suitable even if everyone can not understand its user manual.


  • Beautiful design
  • Automatic programs
  • Several levels of powers
  • Very noisy device


  • Manual only in Italian

11) BEKO MGF 20210

Both robust and very elegant, this microwave BEKO MGF 20210 is made of brushed stainless steel and a lacquered body that allows it to withstand very high temperatures.

For a comfortable and safe opening of the device in full heating power, it has a stainless steel handle that isolates the heat. This microwave is the unrivaled combination of strength and quality, especially when you look inside and see its turntable removable.

With this type of tray, you can easily maintain your device for increased durability over time. It is also a microwave with a dual function. It not only cook’s food but is also equipped with an efficient grid function.

Whatever the light conditions of the room, you can see the inside of the BEKO MGF 20210 with a light bulb that illuminates the interior.


  • Robust and elegant
  • Removable turntable
  • 2 in 1 device
  • Inside lighting


  • No control screen

How did we choose?

The microwave is one of the essential appliances to own in the kitchen. But if you have already been interested in this product, you have undoubtedly discovered that not only is there an infinity of models, but also features to consider.

To help you unravel the true from the fake and simplify your life, here, we will select “the must” of what is on the market.

But first of all, it seems essential to list the different types of microwave ovens available at present:

The traditional microwave oven: it emits microwaves that pass through plastic or glass containers to heat a dish. Although offering various cooking modes, they are called “monofunctions”.

The microwave oven with grill: it offers a second grill option to the primary function of the appliance. You still have the services of a conventional microwave, but you can also grill food.

The combo microwave: As mentioned in its name, it is a device that combines two or three functions at the same time. Thus, in addition to the microwave and grill function, the combi oven also features the features of a convection oven and can be used to cook slightly larger dishes faster. Combined high-end appliances are almost identical to traditional ovens. Also, although more expensive, they will be more versatile than a mini-oven.

Now that all this is clear, to select the best microwave ovens, we looked at their main technical characteristics:

The main functions: a microwave oven, in addition to defrosting and reheating, can also brown, crisp, or even grill foods as well as a conventional oven. There is the standard microwave, but others combine a grill function or offer a combined oven and grill function. Some recent models even boast of their ability to cook food with steam. In short, ask yourself which of these functions you need.

Size and capacity: your needs vary depending on the number of people you cook, but also space where you plan to install your microwave. On average, for a family of 2 to 4 people, a capacity of 15 to 20 L is sufficient (25 to 30 L for a large family). It must be large enough to contain your usual dishes.

Power: It is measured in watts. The more important it is, the faster your food will be heated, thawed, or cooked. There is not a minimum or maximum to absolutely respect, but say that the faster you have watts, your dishes will be ready.

The material: for your device to be healthy and robust, it is better to choose a good quality material. And for easy cleaning, we recommend selecting a model lined with a layer of non-porous material such as enameled porcelain or stainless steel.

Energy efficiency class: marked on all models, in the form of color code associated with a letter (from A ++ to G), this gives you an idea of ​​the energy consumption of a household appliance. To waste as little energy as possible, we recommend that you choose a minimum A + microwave.

Then, it is thanks to their features that some models have stood out.

And at this level, technology offers us more and more things. While some ship up to 100 pre-recorded programs, others offer quick defrosting features or cooking programming. But few of these novelties are useful.

Nevertheless, some options such as a turntable (to ensure even cooking), a power dimmer, child safety lock, automatic cooking sensors (which avoid overcooking), or quick adjustment keys and buttons shortcuts, are practical and valuable.

After paying attention to all these criteria, we have decided on the latest models remaining on their price/quality ratio, their design but also thanks to user feedback and customer comments left on specialized sites.


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