Top 9 The Best Deep Fryers For Home To Buy


    Cooking every day is a real challenge for many people. The lack of time, the desire to cook, or the lack of imagination complicates this task. There are, fortunately, alternatives to help us save time, to help those who are not great chefs or who do not know how to cook. We will talk here about the fryer.

    A deep fryer is a small household electrical appliance in many homes. It serves to fry foods merely. The models you find on the market are not very different from each other. Nevertheless, some models are worth highlighting. We have therefore prepared this buying guide to help you choose the best option for you. Our purpose is to show you the best deep fryers for home.

    Now that you know the best fryers you can find on the market, and you know their characteristics, we will present some details to help you differentiate models from each other. Here are the essential aspects to consider before making your purchase.

    Deep Fryer Buying guide

    After browsing the list of the best fryers performed by our expert team, we present you now a complete buying guide that will help you choose your fryer. From the types of fryers that exist in the market to different to maintain your fryer, through grandmother’s advice to preserve the quality of your fries, anthology of the various steps to make the right choice.

    What are the questions to ask before buying your fryer? That is the question most fryer buyers ask themselves. “Cookbook” has chosen to answer most of your inquiries to provide you with a fryer buying guide that will satisfy all your needs and desires.

    The different types of fryers

    There are several ways to fry, cook, and grill your food. Suddenly, several types of fryers are needed in the appliance market, namely the conventional fryer in an oil bath or the hot air fryer (without oil). Today we are going to present you with a plethora of fryer choices, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

    1. The hot air fryer: The hot air fryer also called fryer without oil; this type of fryer is more and more frequent in recent years, especially with people who prefer cooking without the fat. Would you like to know how the hot air fryer system works? Certainly, oil-less fryers use Rapid Air technology to cook any food. This new technology works by the circulation of air at high degrees.
    2. The electric oil fryer: The electric oil fryer for cooking all types of food, fries, fish, donuts, or croquettes, the oil fryer is perfect for fast cooking every day. Without breaking your head, these electric fryers allow you to fry as quickly as possible your food automatically. Usually equipped with several features for ease of cooking, the electric fryer is revolutionary because of its automatic function. Let’s not forget the presence of the thermostat, the digital display, and the electronic timer, which makes cooking easier and offers an effective result.
    3. The traditional: The traditional fryer often consists of a saucepan, a basket, and sometimes a lid, the classic fryer is adapted to small budgets, and you will manage the cooking for yourself. Everything is done manually by putting the fryer on the plate and wait for the oil it heats. If you are not able to fry your food every day, a traditional fryer will be better at helping you prepare crispy dishes from time to time.

    You can also meet several models that keep appearing in recent years new models as practical as they are revolutionary that allows obtaining an exceptional cooking result.

    How to choose your deep fryer?

    The first decision you need to make before going to the checkout will be based on the criteria for choosing the fryer you want. Here are some of the most popular standards:

    1. The right capacity: Capacity can be the most important criterion when you want to buy a fryer. A fryer with a capacity of 0.8 kg will make two small portions, a 1 kg fryer will make two or three small portions, and a 1.3 kg fryer or more should do enough to feed an entire family. If you plan to cook a whole chicken or turkey, you will need a deep fryer with enough capacity.
    2. High Power: High Power We are talking here about electric fryers with higher powers. With more powerful heating elements, these fryers help to heat the oil faster to the desired temperature. Then, when you add your food, the oil should keep its temperature as quickly as possible. This is the key to the performance of most fryers.

    Deep fryers all have a thermostat showing you when to start cooking. Some of them are numerically controlled, but these models tend to be more expensive.

    1. An adjustable temperature: While the ideal frying temperature for most foods is 375 degrees, manual temperature control in a fryer offers tremendous cooking versatility. You can fry or cook all your food in the same appliance.
    2. Ease of cleaning: While cleaning fryers can be a difficult task, nonstick coatings make it much more comfortable. Besides, some deep fryers have dishwasher-friendly accessories, which is the secret of the best fryers.
    3. Safety: Some safety features are essential to finding in case you want to buy your next fryer. The best fryers will have an exterior that stays cool to the touch throughout the cooking process. Having porthole on the lid to monitor cooking is also a nice safety feature. Automatic shutdown at the end of the cooking cycle further reduces the risk of accidents.
    4. Anti-odor features: Nowadays, some fryers are equipped with anti-odor systems that eliminate odors thanks to odor-free filters built into the appliances. Fryers that produce unwanted odors are no longer fashionable because there are semi-professional fryers that produce fewer odors, especially those brands SEB and Philips.
    5. Ultimate Versatility : Versatility is of great importance for choosing your next fryer. Because a good fryer allows you to fry, cook, and grill all types of food and make all the recipes based on fries. Like fries, you can prepare donuts or croquettes as quickly as possible. Versatility is, therefore, among the most important criteria for buying a good fryer.

    Top 9 The Best Deep Fryers For Home

    1) Aicok DF-036

    We are opening our comparison with an oil model with a very classic design that, despite its small price, offers all the necessary functionalities for simple and practical use for efficient cooking of fries and other fried foods.

    With its overall capacity of 3 L, it offers the possibility to cook about 1 kg of fries, which represents ideal portions for two to four people. According to the users, the size of the basket makes the approximation tend more towards the two or three stomachs, although that depends, of course, on the appetite of the members of your family.

    The fryer has a power of 2000 W and is equipped with an adjustable thermostat from 130 to 190 ° C. Besides, and it has a 30-minute timer that you can turn on manually.

    You can replace the cover on the device to avoid potential oil splashes. The small monitoring window placed on it will allow you to monitor the cooking of your food effectively.

    The latter is homogeneous and without much smell, thanks to the presence of a cold zone under the machine resistances. Also, the handle of the basket is protected against heat and is therefore ideal for a secure grip.

    The fryer is made of stainless steel and has two handles on the sides for easy transport. Non-slip feet provide excellent stability, which is safe. The parts are also detachable to offer outstanding ease of maintenance.

    On the other hand, the structure is quite light, and the quality of the materials leaves something to be desired by specific users. Nevertheless, the majority agrees that the quality/price ratio of this model remains very interesting.

    In the end, this traditional model captivates with its many features, ranging from the presence of a timer to that of a cold zone, via the viewing window, or the secure handle. Simple and effective, it is also offered at a very affordable price, and is guaranteed for two years!


    • Lid with porthole
    • Cold zone
    • Easy maintenance
    • Guaranteed BPA free


    • Small basket


    2) Moulinex Uno M

    This second model is proposed by the famous French brand Moulinex, active in the creation of small appliances for over 80 years and known for its very innovative electric coffee grinder (for the time, of course.)

    The Uno M fryer offers a bowl capacity that can hold about 1.8 L of oil, for cooking from 800 g to 1 kg of fries. It has a power of 1600 W, and its temperature is adjustable from 150 to 190 ° C.

    It has a lid with an inspection window, and the whole is insulated to ensure that the outer wall remains cold. However, it does not have a cold zone or timer.

    Level design, we move away from the traditional model: the fryer is indeed round, unusual. Its lid, whose opening is automatic, is removable for convenient cleaning. Its size is rather compact, and the handle is foldable for secure storage. Note, however, that the latter seems a bit fragile.

    If you are not a fan of white home appliances, know that the model is also available in black and stainless, very lovely but a little more expensive. Finally, the brand also offers a slightly more efficient product, the Super Uno, equipped with a charcoal filter.

    Here is a model with the original design that effectively performs its function but lacks, however, some features, such as a timer, which would make its use more comfortable. Also, spare parts are available for five years for better profitability.


    • Inspection window
    • Isolated walls
    • Folding handle
    • Easy to maintain


    • No timer
    • Fragile handle


    3) VPCok


    This model works without oil, which can still scare purists but seduces more and more people by its healthier cooking and the spread of reduced odors.

    To ensure that food is cooked evenly, Rapid Air technology circulates hot air at 360 ° C in the bowl. It has a capacity of 2.6 L, and the whole has a power of 1300 W. The air filter allows to ventilate the device correctly and thus dissipate heat.

    What is convenient is that you can cook a wide variety of dishes and foods in this device. It is used, among other things, as a mini-oven, in which you can place all kinds of meat, fish, spring rolls, or even pastries. Seven recipes are also available on the screen to help you select the appropriate mode.

    Temperature adjustment is possible over a variation of 80 to 200 ° C. The timer is under a touch screen LED, and the machine stops automatically at the end of the cycle when you remove the basket.

    The bowl, which houses the basket, has a hollow to collect effectively the surplus fat contained in the food. The basket is removable, it is easy to clean, and its insulated handle allows safe handling without risk of burn.

    The plastic case is very resistant to heat, and the product is provided with a 24-month warranty. By cons, the user manual is very unclear or incomplete, which can complicate the handling of the device.

    In the end, here is a very versatile model that can cook not only fries but also the majority of your daily meals, all with low-calorie intake. It is particularly ideal if you want to lead a very healthy lifestyle, but do not go without fries!


    • Hot air – oil-free
    • Automatic shutdown
    • Timer
    • Resistant materials


    • Unclear and incomplete instructions

    4) Seb Filtra Pro


    The French group Seb has become one of the world leaders in the world of kitchen appliances. It is not surprising to find a model of the brand in this comparison.

    In this case, it is a traditional fryer with oil cooking. It has a power of 2300 W, which is higher than previous models. Its oil content is 4 L, which many consumers consider to be a lot, especially when it comes to cooking up to 1 kg of fries.

    Submerged resistances take up a lot of space. Therefore, a more significant amount of oil is needed to best cook the food placed in the basket.

    The digital timer is easy to adjust, and the temperature varies from 150 to 190 ° C. The lid is equipped with a mechanical filter and a porthole allowing you to monitor the cooking of your food. The bowl has a cold zone, ideal for beautiful fries, and lighter cooking smell.

    The patented sieve filter removes food residues for clean, reusable oil. Too bad, however, that it is disposed of under the resistance, which must be removed beforehand.

    The different parts of the fryer are removable and dishwasher safe, which is always an excellent advantage. Also, its stainless steel design, although simple and basic, is rather elegant.

    In the end, we appreciate the higher capacity of this model, as well as the presence of a cold zone and a filter to keep a relatively clean oil. Too bad that its general conception is not very practical.


    • Larger capacity
    • Filtered
    • Digital timer
    • Dishwasher safe


    • Could be more convenient

    5) Seb Actifry Original


    Here is the reference in the world of oil-free fryers. Made in France, this model is already available in many versions, more and more powerful. We chose to include the original, which continues to appeal to many cooks and cooks.

    It has a power of 1400 W and a capacity of about 1 kg. She can feed around four people. What pleases many users is the need to add only one tablespoon of oil to succeed in having beautiful crisp fries, and significantly less fat.

    Also, you escape the inevitable smell of frying in the house. On the other hand, the cooking time is indeed longer than with a traditional oil fryer. It is, therefore, best to plan your meals to avoid frustration.

    The food is heated by a patented technology of hot air pulsed, helped by a mixing blade, ensuring homogeneous cooking. You can cook any meal, which is ideal in the ceramic tank: meat, vegetables, risotto.

    The timer is removable and allows you to quietly go about your business during the preparation of your meal. Thanks to the transparent glass lid, you can easily have a look to monitor its evolution.

    The bowl, lid, blade, and dosing spoon supplied with the appliance are compatible with the dishwasher, making machine maintenance much more straightforward. The only disadvantage noted by some users is the noise emitted by the device when it runs, even if it remains quite discreet.

    In the end, here is an option highly appreciated for its versatility and the ability to cook proper meals without too much fat. Its accessories, such as the removable timer or the transparent cover, make its use very convenient.


    • Versatile
    • Brewing blade
    • Removable timer
    • Convenient to clean


    • A bit noisy
    • Cooking slower than in a traditional fryer


    6) Philips AirFryer XXL

    It is in the same line as the previous one. It eliminates up to 90% of the fat present in food by Fat Removal technology, for a very healthy diet.

    With its capacity of 1.4 L, it is ideal for preparing meals for four to six people. Its power is 2225 W, and its temperature is adjustable from 40 to 200 ° C. It starts to heat up quickly, without the need for a warm-up time. On the other hand, the cooking of fries will be longer than with an oil fryer.

    Rapid Air technology produces hot air that circulates evenly in the bowl to cook all foods efficiently without or with very little fat. You can cook again what you want, from starter to dessert.

    Five cooking programs are defined, as well as a warming function, which is convenient. The digital display makes programming easy, and the bowl separator provided for purchase allows you to cook several dishes at the same time independently.

    You can also purchase many accessories to maximize the use of the Air Fryer, such as a grill, a baking kit, or a grill and skewers. These are however offered at a reasonably high price

    This model has some other small disadvantages. In addition to being quite massive and imposing, it does not have a porthole on its lid, which can be, in some cases, disturbing since you will not be able to follow the evolution of the cooking.

    By cons, all the elements are detachable and dishwasher safe, which is an excellent advantage.

    In the end, here is an exciting alternative that has seduced us by its function of keeping warm, its oil-free heating technology, and its tank separator. Versatile, it is also easy to clean. Too bad it is not more compact, and it does not present a surveillance window.


    • Polyvalent
    • Big capacity
    • Double bowl
    • Convenient to clean


    • No porthole
    • Heavy and imposing
    • Cooking slower than with a conventional model

    7) Aigostar Ushas

    If you are looking for an unbeatable value for money devices, it is to “Ushas,” the fryer of Aigostar, that your attention should be focused. Quality materials, power, capacity, options, warranty, ease of use, and maintenance, … Decidedly, this device has it all. Even its shape has been studied so that despite its capacity of 3 liters of oil, you can store it safely in your cupboards.

    With its internal thermostat, you can choose precisely the temperature at which you want to heat your oil between 130ºC and 190ºC thanks to its power of 2200 Watts. So select the most appropriate temperature for your food: fries, chicken, fish, donuts, etc. The fryer will satisfy any of your desires.

    And for the hungry, you can always wait while watching the cooking of your food without the risk of getting splashes of boiling oil through the small window on the lid. Non-slip feet improve stability and emphasize the importance of safety.

    The nonstick container is entirely removable, which significantly facilitates the emptying and cleaning of the oil. Its stainless steel basket is also removable thanks to its cold handle that will allow you to handle your fryer any time.

    And as for all its products, Aigostar guarantees “Ushas” for two years, not forgetting all the quality certificates (CE, GS, RoHS, and LFGB) that the brand has for each of its products. The fryer is not an exception.



    • Powerful and large capacity
    • Temperature control with thermostat
    • Smart feature
    • Safe cooking.


    • Dialer is in wrong place


    8) Aicok Pro Fryer

    Let’s close this competition with a large capacity fryer that will delight families up to 4 people by offering them the opportunity to prepare not only fries but also fried chicken, chips, donuts, or even fish in its tank. A capacity of 3 liters. This is the large format of the mini fryer Aicok presented previously. But with power more than twice as high, since it is equipped with 2,000 Watts.

    Extremely high power since it will allow preparing shrimp in less than 4 minutes, or chicken in 5 minutes, for example, by taking into account the cooking temperature indications on the dashboard of the fryer, just below the indicator light indicating the operation of the fryer. This avoids opening the porthole cover while the machine is running. And to fry your favorite foods, the timer and thermostat dial-adjustable between 130 and 190 degrees will be your allies.

    Regarding its materials, the professional fryer is made of fully removable stainless steel parts for easy maintenance and optimal storage. Between two oil changes, you can disassemble and store in the smallest closets.

    Finally, for your health, Aicok uses 100% BPA-free materials and guarantees its product for two years.



    • Carbon filter
    • Fast heating
    • Viewing window
    • Affordable Price



    • Limited warrantee


    9) Tefal fr5101

    The FR5101 is stainless steel embossed, which makes it a device that remains clean and without traces. Since we all know it, steel is a real torture to clean; the slightest touch leaves an imprint that will be a nightmare to erase. But the embossed Tefal stainless steel offers the possibility of having a machine with easy-to-clean walls despite its handling with greasy fingers. But the body of the fryer will not be the only element whose maintenance will require less effort since it is entirely removable and that the lid, the bowl, the frying basket, and the colander are compatible with the dishwasher.

    Heated using a resistor for faster warm-up time and excellent temperature control, under which is placed a cold zone so that the remaining pieces do not continue to fry. This technique gives the advantage of the great benefit of clean oil. The frequency of oil change is therefore considerably reduced without it being of poor quality.

    In the same vein, patented technology was developed by Tefal to purify fats in the tank further. This is an exclusive system called “clean-oil-system,” meaning “oil cleaning system,” which is an excellent strainer that filters and therefore cleans the oil already used.

    Finally, know that a timer is also placed next to the adjustable thermostat positionable over a range of 5 temperatures between 150 and 190 degrees, which will be quickly reached thanks to its 2,300 Watts. Finally, for your safety, the fryer is insulated against heat.


    • Ergonomic Design
    • Stainless steel body
    • Clean oil System


    • Have some complains about its parts placement

    How did we choose those fryers?


    Fished for some, regular accompaniment for others, fries are a must in Belgian gastronomy! Many logically want to invest in a fryer to take advantage of this gourmet meal at any time, but still, find the ideal device in the slew of models currently available on the market.

    We have used feedback from consumers to determine which models are the most popular and successful, and therefore likely to suit you. To meet everyone’s expectations, we opted for a mixed selection of models with and without oil.

    How to maintain your fryer?

    The maintenance of your fryer is a significant step if you want to keep your device in excellent condition. Only here, each type of fryer requires a different cleaning. For fully removable fryers, we advise you to start with the lid and the cooking basket by removing them. Go to the inner parts by eliminating the resistance of the fryer and the tank of the coat by emptying the oil.

    Once your fryer is dismountable, you can go to the second step, which is the cleaning of the different parts. For the basket, wash it in hot water with dishwashing liquid. Always using a degreaser, clean the tank, and then rinse. Do not forget to clean the back of the fryer and degrease the top of the fryer with a sponge and a degreaser.

    Here are some tips to quickly clean your fryer:

    – Eliminate the remaining oil in the bottom of your fryer using the flour. Rub the basket with a non-abrasive sponge until a paste is obtained. Remove there while applying white vinegar.

    – Pour soda crystals into your fryer, with boiling water and white vinegar. Let it work, rinse, and dry.

    Before doing any of these steps, be sure to unplug your fryer and let it cool down. It should be noted that the oil emptied of your fryer is harmful to the environment. They would be perfect for keeping it and bringing it to your container park.

    The maintenance of oil is also an important step to preserve the quality of frying. Pay attention to the cooking temperature because the fuel can sometimes burn and cause back tastes. Always depending on the type of fuel, know how to set the ideal temperature. Regularly filter your oil to keep good quality, and especially do not hesitate to change periodically when it becomes dark brown.



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